June 27, 2017

Manjaro 17.0.2 Gellivara Xfce

Manjaro Linux Logo
Manjaro Linux Logo
Dave — the creator of Linux & Other Stuff, gives us a quick look at Manjaro 17.0.2 Gellivara Xfce.

Top 5 Ubuntu MATE Tools

Tom Murosky — the creator of Switched To Linux, shares with us, his Top 5 Ubuntu MATE Tools.

Here's What It Actually Takes To Be A NASA Astronaut

(Photo credit: Pixabay) 
NASA recently announced its new class of astronauts and their skill set is pretty diverse. So, what exactly does it take to be a NASA astronaut?

Laid Off At Microsoft — The Scoble Effect

Don Dodge
A screenshot of Don Dodge  
What's the surest way to get laid off at Microsoft? Be more famous than your boss.

OnePlus 5 Review

Florence Ion And Leo Laporte
A screenshot of Florence Ion and Leo Laporte 
On the New Screen Savers show, Leo Laporte and Florence Ion take a look at the new OnePlus 5 smartphone.

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